At the moment of conception, two miracles happen:

  1. the woman becomes a mother, and
  2. her womb becomes a safe place for a new, precious life with a soul and a purpose.

Parenting can be challenging, and, when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, the future may seem uncertain and even scary. Many experience a fear of the unknown, but we are here to help!

The programs that we offer can support you through your pregnancy as well as your early parenting years, and our counselors can help you navigate through the long list of local programs and organizations that are designed to help new parents like you. Parenting can be difficult, but children are a blessing, and the bond between a parent and child is like no other. If you are considering parenting your child but feel uncertain or scared, please contact us and make an appointment. We are here for you!

Below are the testimonies of real Mothers who live right here in Wisconsin. They were asked:

How have your children been a blessing to you?


Mother of 4

“My kids are the bright spots of my day! Their innocence makes life so sweet.”


“After many years of thinking my days of parenting babies were over, to my shock, I found myself pregnant. We had many worries and needs that ran through our heads at that news: a room in the house for the baby, a car that would hold an additional family member, the lack of insurance coverage for prenatal and delivery care, how we could stretch our finances for a bigger family, how a baby’s schedule would affect the schedule of our much older kids, and the more minor need for maternity clothes and baby items. God met those needs one by one, and we can’t imagine life without our “bonus daughter.” She has brought such joy to our home with her sweet spirit and loving ways and desire to serve God.”


“How have my children been a blessing to me? In the simple (yet incredibly deep) questions they have that make me stop to think about life. Their tenderness to other people’s pain. Their willingness to give. So many ways!! ”


“I often say to my children, “You are God’s gift to me" and they truly are.  They are one of my greatest blessings in life.  Yes, they are a huge responsibility, a lot of work, and trying at times, but most relationships are.  My children are a blessing because they make me laugh every day.  The funny things they come up with.  They also teach me every day.  The way they look at the “smallest” things in such an excited way is such a constant reminder to me to be grateful and thankful. My children have such a unique perspective in life.  A simple trusting perspective that I somehow have seemed to have lost as an adult.  My children hold me accountable in life.  Because they are watching me, it motivates me to ask the Lord each day to guide my every step, my every thought, my every word, my every attitude.  My children are a blessing to me because they are my friends.  They are so fun to be with and to talk to.”